What are the magic methods in PHP?

In PHP, magic methods are special methods that begin with the double underscore “__” and serve a specific purpose. These methods are automatically called by the PHP interpreter under certain circumstances.

PHP Abstract Classes and Methods

Abstract classes and methods are used to define common behavior and structure that must be implemented by concrete (non-abstract) classes. Abstract classes cannot be instantiated […]

PHP Constants

Constants are used to define values that remain unchanged throughout the execution of a program. They are useful for defining configuration values, predefined values, or […]

PHP Final Keyword

In PHP, the final keyword is used to restrict the inheritance and overriding of classes and methods. When a class or method is marked as […]

PHP Multidimensional Arrays

In PHP, a multidimensional array is an array that contains one or more arrays as its elements. These arrays can be either indexed arrays or […]

PHP Associative Arrays

An associative array is an array where each element is associated with a specific key. Unlike indexed arrays, the keys in associative arrays are not […]

PHP Indexed Arrays

An indexed array is the simplest form of an array. It uses numeric indexes to access elements. The first element has an index of 0, […]

PHP Arrays

An array stores multiple values in one single variable: What is an Array? An array is a special variable, which can hold more than one […]

PHP Functions

In PHP, functions are blocks of reusable code that perform a specific task. They help in organizing code, improving code reusability, and enhancing maintainability. PHP […]

PHP Loop

In PHP, loops are used to repeatedly execute a block of code based on a condition or for a specified number of iterations. PHP provides […]